1. What are Aerpn jobs?
          Aerpn jobs is an online normal stage for both Jobseekers and Employers inside Nepal. Jobseekers can put different resumes, look occupations, apply on the web and do considerably more. Managers can profit by staying with the profile of their/association, posting their activity opening, and scan for reasonable hopefuls among resume blurbs by capability, experience, and ability.

2. At the point when was Aerpn jobs begun?

        Aerpn jobs were officially propelled on 6th December 2018 with the goal to help both the Jobseeker and Employer meet by means of Nepal's quickly developing IT (Information innovation) division.

3. What are the different services that Aerpn jobs give?

          Aerpn jobs is a typical stage for both Jobs Seekers and Employers. On the off chance that you enroll/join as a vocation searcher, you can compose and spare different resumes, look open opportunities posted at Aerpn jobs, see the profiles of the organizations who are enlisted, apply for an occupation on the web, and be advised by means of email when any activity that coordinates your criteria is posted. As an employer’s enrolled at Aerpn jobs, you can stay with your profile as well as post jobs opportunities at your organization, look resumes/CV, see profiles of different businesses and the sky is the limit from there. This is only a fractional rundown of Aerpn jobs highlights. It would be ideal if you investigate the site to find the various highlights.

4. What are the charges for your administrations?

          We have as of late presented our Company account framework for managers, and charge an unobtrusive expense for posting occupations on Aerpn jobs. The administrations given by Aerpn jobs to the Jobs Seeker will dependably be totally free.  

5. Would I be able to apply online to an opening posting?

          Certainly! We give the client the office to apply to any open post on the web, however, this depends additionally upon whether the business has given the office to the client to post the resume either Online, Send Email or By Post. You should utilize the office given by the business and you have to post something like one resume at Aerpn jobs to apply on the web. 

6. How to register?

          You can create a profile at Aerpn Jobs by clicking on the jobseeker key available on the webpage. Once you click the key, you will have to create an account by filling up the information and your profile will be registered.
7. How to apply for a job?

          Applying for the job is as easy as creating a profile. You just have to click on the job you like and you’ll see an “apply” option there. Clicking on that option is all you have to do to apply for the job you like. 
8. How to upload a resume?

          As you see on the homepage, there is an option key to upload your CV. To upload your resume to our website, click the upload key.
9. What advantages can one gain by creating a Job Seeker profile at Aerpn Jobs?

          Apply to the post/job you prefer.
          No Registration Charges
          No Salary Deduction
          Free of cost
10. Would I be able to send my resume/CV to the business on the web?

          On the off chance that the business has given the office to post the resume Online, you can send your resume online in answer to any activity posting/opening.

11. I have connected in bank opening, in what manner will I be educated in the event that I am shortlisted for further process?

          In the event that you are chosen for the connected bank opening, Real arrangement or the concerned bank will educate you by means of email or SMS.
12. What is following code which I get in the wake of applying in bank opening?

          Following code is a number which is given consequently after the effective applying system. It causes you to follow the status of your application.
13. Would I be able to discover jobs dependent on an area?

          Obviously, you have to give your favored activity area amid the season of enrollment.
14. How would I know whether I have been chosen for the activity I have connected for?

          In the event that you have been chosen for the connected activity, the individual association will illuminate you through phone, SMS or Email for further strategy.
15. Imagine a scenario in which my inquiry is unanswered here.

          It would be ideal if you get in touch with us! We are focused on giving the most effortless, quickest approaches to discover solid adaptable employments. We will dependably attempt to help you decently well.
16. Can I apply for more than one jobs at a time?

          Yes, you can apply for more than one jobs at a time.
17. I have seen numerous employments on your site; would it be a good idea for me to apply for all?

          No, you should apply for the occupations as per your experience coordinate and your capability.
18. Since your site is free, would you say you are moving my data?

          We don't share any of your data without your assent. We enable businesses to get to our database of the resume just in the event that you apply for promoted open positions.  

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Aerpn Jobs is committed to help organisations to increase their productivity through better use of their human resources and to enable companies to achieve real competitive advantages.